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john hardwicke

Thank you for posting this story on your blog.

I am john hardwicke, the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the American Boychoir School where I and uncounted numbers of children were sexually abused by choir directors and staff members.

You can read more about the American Boychoir and how it institutionalized sexual abuse over several decades at www.AmericanBoyschoir.com

I want to thank Professor Lessig for his assistance as my attorney in this case. He is a fine and courageous individual.

Please help us to clarify New Jersey's Charitable Immunity Act which has been interpreted by the state's courts to shield non profit organizations from all claims of negligence.

E-mail Assemblyman Albio Sires who has refused to post Assembly Bill 2512. Urge him to post and pass A2512 to do away with Charitable Immunity in cases of child sexual abuse. Ask Mr. Sires to protect New Jersey's children and help victims of sexual abuse find healing and closure.

E-mail the assemblyman at asmsires@njleg.org

Please feel free to re-post this message to as many web sites, blogs and bulletin boards as possible. Through your letters of support we hope to move Mr. Sires to action.

You can read more about this legislation at www.FixTheLaw.org

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