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> We need this sort of thing for Finland too.

I agree.


What we all need is some common sense!

In real life your coffee might be lukewarm or it may take 8 minutes before your Big Mac meal is ready. It happens every day; but maybe it would be more approriate to deal with the thing face-to-face and not "get back on him" using an internet-page which pops up in search engine next to his restaurant information. That (one!) opinion may have really serious effects.

I am afraid that one day you will start to threaten my business with these 'internet-letters' if you (as a sole customer) do not get the things the way you want.

Dont get me wrong. Freedom of speech is a good thing, but this kind of 'mobbing' is it fair play?



Yrittäjä: You could apply your point of view to ALL comments on any service. The only thing people can really comment on are their own experiences, right? Only by hearing about a number of individual people's comments we can build a picture of reality and possibly truth. To me it sounds like you're essentially saying that people shouldn't talk about how they where treated.

Also. As far as we know the Lehtovaara owner didn't try to resolve the the issue by discussion, but rather, he sent him a threatening letter of 80.000 euros. To me that seems to be a totally idiotic strategy of taking care of the issue.

Even if the original webpage was first before the restaurant in Google search he still should've taken other measures.

And as discussed elsewhere since Lehtovaara has a reputation (or at least a history) of a fine restaurant with higher prices they both should provide better service and also know that people will "whine" if they aren't served properly. And definitely be more careful in taking care of customer complaints.

Just makes me wonder...

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