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  • Giant robot: DOMESTICITY

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Moi Herkko:

I am sorry to say your story, while amusing as hell, isn't all that unusual. The DMV in the States is notoriously horrible and people cringe while simultaneously giving you sympathetic mumbles when they hear you have to go or have been there recently.

"Is this some ritual where they pick every one hundreth foreigner. Ha haa, lets bounce this guy from counter to counter.".... As a foreigner living in your homeland for the last 2 years, I must say it is a similar process for "us" here with respect to many "services" afforded to the pubilc. Kela, Työvoimatoimisto, Ulkomaalainen Poliisiasema (for permit renewals) etc are just as hard in Suomi :)...luckily I have a job, private health care, and my permit is valid until 2008 :)

You do have my sympathies with the DMV though.

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