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Drunken Fuck

LOL @ that stupid bitch. I figured the hoe was up to no good. I'm about to get drunk compliments of Absinthe.ProtoProtoss.net to celebrate the whore's downfall!


If it has the PRADA logo on it, it is a trademark violation. The manufacturer is using the trademark without permission.


Herra jumala että se on tollo.

(translation)My god she's an idiot.

John Smith

The article states that Prada bags are sold at prices around 1000 euros, whereas the version Karpela has, costs around 15 euros in Italy. The authentic model with certificate and the copy can be seen in the picture:

She *knew* she was buying a pirate copy.

who me?

She's still going to have to pay a fine right? Remember the first tourist to be fined for buying a fake pair of Chanel glasses from a street-side vendor (wasn't is Chanel?) under the new law? She shouldn't be exempt just because of her stature.




People like her (in every country) are not just stupid, but dangerous. Theiy are making laws without thinking about what it really means and expect that the ordinary citizens must behave accordingly. I'm sure for herself she's looking for an excuse to not be fined.

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