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Every person is not the same, every homeless person has a different reason for being homeless.
Why not try compassion instead of judgement?


I am not judging. Just saying it is not my fight to get rid of American "poverty".

Yesterday I saw a film about NY homeless people who were living undeground in Amtrak train tunnels.
Marc Singer's "Dark Days"
Sad, happy and humane. Good documentary and worth seeing.


Oppressive regimes around the world have taken people's money to build armies and accumulated riches for themselves. Should charity organizations deny help to the victims of these oppressors because of this? I don't think so. Granted, this is an extreme example, but please do consider that the news organization might have had it's own agenda and that their sample size is quite small and narrow to warrant labeling all homeless people.

The beggars sign can be seen as only a sales pitch, but that does not negate the possibility that the beggar is in desperate need of money. Would you get in the car with a total stranger if you knew the society doesn't give a rats ass about your rights or if you go "missing"?


Of course it is your fight it is a cause for all of us to fight for!
We are all human beings not just Americans, Christians, Muslim, Irish, Italian, Rich, Poor etc....
We live together and perhaps if we realized we were all connected perhaps that would facilitate a change for the better for the homeless and hungry in "Our World".

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